Key Consulting

"Key Consulting" Ltd. is a joint - stock company founded and registered under Bulgarian law and it is based in Sofia. The company was established on the basis of a long professional activity and practice in the international business and foreign trade, and is particularly specialized in corporate finance. Initially, it was formed by a group of professionals bound by longstanding acquaintance and years of professional collaboration, so we decided to unite together, to take as advantage our own skills and experience and to create these necessary synergies through which we can offer an appropriate professional approach in the internationalization of the business. Currently, the company offers new and innovative form, presented by Massimiliano Gentile as shareholder and general manager and a selected group of Italian and Bulgarian professionals, following the proven system of the partnership.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of services and operational support to individual customers and companies in the process of internationalization to Bulgaria and to the other Eastern European areas.

  • Promote the first contact with the country, information about the opportunities and for necessary funds;
  • Secretarial services, address registration of companies using the office space, telephone, fax, internet and receipt of postal correspondence;
  • Translation and interpretation and logistic services;
  • Financial support;
  • Legal and tax services;
  • Technical advice and assistance in arranging transport;
  • Researches for the production areas and location;
  • Import and export of goods;

"Key Consulting" Ltd. is able to provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

The complexity of international markets has never been allowed especially nowadays, to adopt a purely practical, formal system, rather than to require from the consulting firms the possession of more specialized and highly - qualified skills.

"Key Consulting" Ltd. has direct relations with the countries of Eastern Europe being bound by international partnerships, so it is able to answer every question, to examine every opportunity and to solve all business problems that every company that wants to work into international markets inevitably faces.

"International business may conduct its operations with scraps of paper, but the ink it uses is human blood".
(Eric Ambler)

Corporate Finance

Consultancy services and assistance for development of projects funded by EU programs. Key Consulting has created a BUSINESS UNIT with the specific task to take care of the company’s corporate finance.


Key Consulting Ltd. Can "accompany" your business step by step in the process of relocation.

Make or buy analysis

Using its international partners "Key Consulting" Ltd. have the opportunity to determine the strategy to be implemented, and to compare characteristics between demand and supply of all possible deals, particularly in Eastern Europe and to offer a rich variety of semi-finished and finished products with excellent balance between quality and price


 "Key Consulting" Ltd. proceed by developing a detailed feasibility study which is not only limited to macroeconomic analysis, but take into account the peculiarities of the country and the purpose of the company.